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There are many reasons a roof might leak, and finding the cause is the first step in resolving the problem. It's important to understand that not all roof leaks are a simple matter of patching a hole or replacing missing shingles. Sometimes, the cause of the leak can be elusive, making it hard to detect where the problem is originating.

A roof leak might be the result of extensive damage caused by a storm. This type of problem is usually quite easy to identify, and with the help of experienced Urbana roofers, it can be resolved rather quickly. Other leaks, such as those that result from aging and the normal breakdown of roofing materials, can be harder to detect.

As a roof ages, there are many areas where roofing materials can begin deteriorating. Flashing can rust or otherwise become damaged, sealants can start to fail, and shingles or tiles can start deteriorating from years of exposure to the elements. The type of roofing system will make a big difference in how long the materials will likely last. Slate and metal roofs will generally have a much longer life expectancy than asphalt shingles.

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Another factor that can be at the root of a roof leak is damage resulting from improper installation. Installing and sealing flashing around chimneys or vents can lead to leaks if not done correctly. Additionally, not installing enough roof flashing or improperly installing the flashing in roof valleys can quickly lead to leaks as well as damage to the underlying roof structure.

Other potential problems that can lead to leaks include under-roof ventilation that is inadequate, roof shingles that are incorrectly placed or gutters that are not installed properly. For example, if gutters are not installed correctly, debris can build up and cause water damage that homeowners might wrongly attribute to a faulty roof.

Roofing materials that are placed over an existing roof can also contribute to roof leaks. The shingles that are placed over other layers will typically not offer the same life expectancy and can make tracing the cause of a roof leak very difficult. With multiple layers, new shingles are not able to provide the same level of protection as shingles that are placed on a new, clean substructure.

Clogged roof drains, cracked tiles from improper care and even defective roofing products can also cause roof leaks. Finding the source of the problem and having it fixed by a professional roofer can help prevent additional damage.

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