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For many homes, the drip edge is needed in order for water to collect within the gutter system. Without this lining of the roof, water and other debris can miss the gutter when flowing across the surface. This reduces the efficiency of the gutter itself and could possibly render it useless. Over time, the water can begin to degrade the condition of the home as water cannot be properly disposed of. It is this reason why homeowners will call professional Urbana roofers to repair the drip edge and help maintain the gutter system.

The drip edge usually rests slightly overlapping the gutter canal in order to capture the water coming off of the roof. This offers protection from water damage to the home as the liquid can follow the canal to the downspout, which should be set in a way to allow the water to flow away from the home. Even houses that have shingles overlapping the fascia to provide access to the gutter often have drip edges installed as the edges of shingles degrade.

One of the primary purposes of a gutter is to safely remove water and dispose of it away from the foundation of the home.

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Without a proper system in place, cement footings can begin to break down and the basement of the structure could begin to experience severe flooding. The drip edge is a key component of this process, especially on homes that have gaps between the roof and gutter systems. Water can fall in between these two structures and accumulate directly adjacent to the foundation. As time continues, the integrity of the home's base could be compromised putting the structure at great risk.

A roof without a drip edge can lead to internal water damage as well. Over time, water can make its way behind the fascia of the roof, which can lead to wood rot. Depending on the amount of moisture that gets trapped, this could cause damage to the integrity of the fascia and soffit. In extreme cases, this could also lead to damage of support frames and eventually internal drywall as the water continues to travel into the home.

In most cases, drip edge repair and replacement can be easily accomplished by a trained professional. The materials for these devices are usually thin allowing them to be easily installed under the bottom layer of the roof's shingles. These units are not designed to support weight other than that of liquids traveling from the roof to the gutter's canal. Leaning a ladder or any other device against the drip edge can cause damage and reduce the effectiveness of the material.

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