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With beautiful elegance and artistic craftsmanship, a clay roof can add a blend of peak protection against the elements as well as an aesthetic focal point to the home. A clay roof is one of the strongest materials available for a roof. Instead of detracting, it adds value to the home. Visiting with Urbana roofers about what is possible in the area of a clay roof is well worth the time.

In fact, the initial expense of installing the roof is perhaps the only negative. Clay roofing is one of the most expensive options available, but they are an excellent investment. Rather than having to replace the roof every 15 years or so, a clay tile roof is made to last up to and perhaps longer than 100 years. Some buildings that are hundreds of years old retain their original clay roof.

Concrete tile is a similar material to clay that gives most of the same benefits and appearance. Concrete tile is less expensive than clay but is still a more expensive option than asphalt. A concrete tile roof is designed to last over 50 years, which, while considerably less than its clay tile counterpart, is still much longer than most other roofing alternatives. Just like the clay roof, they add value and a beautiful appearance to the home.

The roofers of Roofs By Rodger of Urbana IL can assist you with any questions regarding siding or gutters.

Both clay and concrete tile are excellent in regards to energy efficiency. These tiles provide and insulation against both hot and cold temperatures. This keeps the decking and subsequently the interior from becoming unnecessarily hot or cold. This keeps the air conditioning or heating system from overworking, adding up to savings in monthly energy costs.

Low maintenance is another positive feature with a clay roof. Both clay and concrete materials do not need a lot of regular maintenance. They withstand most weather such as high wind, hail and rain without difficulty. Neither clay nor concrete will rot or yield to mold growth. When they are properly installed, they will last decades with no need for repair or substantial maintenance.

A roofing professional can discuss the particulars of clay and concrete roofing, specifically related to the framing and decking. Clay and concrete tiles are substantially heavier than practically any other roofing material. For a proper installation and for the protection of the property itself, the framing must be sufficient to support this weight. Adding supports to the framing will often be necessary, but the contractor will have a plan for the individual property.

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