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A leaking roof isn't just a nuisance; leaks can threaten the home's attic, structure and electrical system and even the family's health. Hiring a professional roofing contractor to do routine inspections can help to find potential problems before they get out of hand. Inspections enable the contractor to survey the roof, attic and gutters and make repairs as needed. Urbana roofers can also estimate how long the roof will last in its current condition. If the owners are thinking of selling the house, the inspection can be very useful. Having an inspection certificate can attract potential buyers.

If the homeowner has just moved into the home, a professional inspection can give them peace of mind. A roofing specialist will be able to give them an accurate estimate of how long it will be before they need to start thinking about replacing the roof. It is impossible to see what might be wrong with a roof from the ground. In addition, knowing what to look for takes expertise. Roofing inspections should never be done by a layperson who doesn't have the qualifications and professional training to spot potential problems.

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Homeowners should schedule routine inspections at least every couple of years no matter what the result of the last estimate on the roof's life was. Major storms, falling trees, wind, heat and other environmental factors can all affect the condition of the roof. Homeowners shouldn't assume that the roof will remain in good condition throughout its estimated lifetime. In fact, most roofing inspection guarantees require homeowners to have regular inspections.

Wear and tear can show up as missing or curling shingles. Fasteners might become loose, or asphalt shingles might lose more than their normal amount of granules. The roof might begin to sag after a heavy snowfall. Dark stains might suddenly appear on the roof's surface and quickly spread over the shingles. Deterioration, rotting soffits or rusted flashing can't always be predicted, and the gutter could become clogged with leaves and dirt. Seams around the chimney or exterior roof structures might crack and allow moisture and water to leak into the attic.

Even minor leaks can cause serious damage inside of the home. Mold and mildew could begin to grow inside the walls, or the ceiling could become stained and damaged. While warping and bowing are always signs that the roof is leaking, leaks are not always visible unless the homeowner knows what to look for. Having a regular roofing inspection can catch potential leaks before they grow more serious.

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