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Water exhibits some unique properties. It expands when frozen, unlike any other liquid on Earth. This property of water makes it essential to protect a home's foundation from water collecting around it, possibly freezing or contacting expansive soils and exerting enormous hydraulic pressure on concrete with potentially disastrous results. Almost every home in the country relies on gutters and downspouts for protection by collecting water from roofs and sending it far enough from foundations to prevent negative consequences.

One prominent warning sign Urbana roofers often observe occurs involves light. When a homeowner is standing on the ground directly beneath gutters and daylight appears between the gutters and the fascia board, this indicates the presence of a gap. These gaps mean that every time it rains or snows, some percentage of the water flowing down the slope of a roof drips directly down to the ground within inches of the foundation. Of course, homeowners often see this but do not always understand the implications.

Gaps form gradually over a period of years. The expansion and contraction of building components exposed to years of warming and cooling, or the weight of snow in some climates, causes gutter fasteners to loosen and allow gaps to form.

Repair is possible in some cases. Professionals replace loose, missing or broken fasteners, eliminating any gaps.

Roofing experts of Roofs By Rodger of Urbana IL can assist you with any questions regarding siding or gutters.

Gutter replacement may be required in some cases, especially if high levels of corrosion make it impractical to reattach gutters. It may be odd to think of aluminum corroding. After all, its ability to resist rust accounts for its widespread use for gutters and downspouts. The same process that creates the visible gaps, however, often causes almost imperceptible low spots that disrupt the slope of gutters, allowing water to remain until it evaporates, rather than draining. Over a period of years, aluminum will succumb to corrosion.

If corrosion is not too severe, professionals not only eliminate gaps, but they also restore the proper slope to gutters in order to facilitate quick and complete drainage. In some instances, they install gutter guards to prevent another of the primary culprit of gutter malfunction, which is debris in the form of leaves and pine needles, from accelerating the need for maintenance.

The concept of totally maintenance free gutters holds a great deal of appeal. The use of aluminum as the most common material is a leap forward beyond materials used in the past, but unfortunately, water's unique properties continue to require that gutters and downspouts receive adequate attention in order to perform their intended function.

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