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Not all moisture damage appears in obvious and easy to spot warning signs. Sometimes, when building owners want to make sure that their property is well taken care of, they will need to dig deeper into their systems to guarantee that everything is working as necessary. One of the best ways to do this is through a moisture survey ordered from Urbana roofers. Customers can save a large amount of money just by ordering such moisture testing procedures.

These formal surveys are designed to be efficient and affordable while providing customers with all of the information they need without performing any destructive testing. One of the most efficient ways to perform moisture testing is through a nuclear moisture inspection. Individuals interested in having such a procedure performed should think about some of the benefits that come with it.

Through a principle known as neutron moderation, experts are able to find tiny amounts of radiation in a roofing system, which can then be used to detect the presence of hydrogen ions. These hydrogen ions imply the presence of water, and the more that return to the transmitter after the ions have been released, the more water is present in the system. Experts can also use the technology to detect changes in the neutron speed, which identifies moisture damage in deeper sections of the roof.

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One of the first advantages that building owners will be able to enjoy through this procedure is the ability to target specific problem areas for an effective repair. They can identify what sections of the roof need to be inspected and what types of procedures will need to be prepared.

With this survey, individuals will also be able to identify structurally sound sections of the roof as well. This can allow homeowners to explore reinforcement options that would support new structures on top of their roofs, creating more opportunities for future construction projects.

A nuclear survey is also the most accurate way to determine if there are moisture problems in a ballasted roof. Almost all multiple layered roofing systems can benefit through this type of moisture test because of how thorough it can be.

Through such a survey, individuals will have the independent and objective information they need to make a much more constructive decision about the state of their roofing system. Building owners can use this information when they speak with a roofing company in order to see what their options are for future treatments.

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