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The skilled roofers at this Urbana roofing company strive to provide all clients with reliable and affordable services. They always focus on customer satisfaction and delivering high quality results, no matter the nature of the project.

Commitment to quality
  • Our Urbana roofers are certified professionals, guaranteeing that only the most skilled and trained technicians are working with clients to address their roofing concerns.
  • As soon as a project is laid out, the roofers that work with this Urbana company will dedicate themselves to producing the best results. They focus on performing every step as thoroughly as possible, guaranteeing that all of the work is done right the first time.
  • All of the roofing contractors are very polite and courteous. They understand the importance of walking the customer through the roofing process.
Roofing done right
  • Our Urbana roofing contractors always focus on helping clients with a project that is catered exclusively to their needs. Not every customer will have the same home, so they make sure to address all concerns before they begin.
  • The roofing company takes pride in its ability to think outside the box. If there is a cheaper and more efficient solution to a roofing problem, they will find it and make sure that their customers can benefit from it.
  • Every Urbana roofer is extremely knowledgeable in other aspects of home improvement. These Urbana roofers will be able to help their clients with a variety of siding, windows, ventilation and chimney services as well, guaranteeing that no matter what their customers need, the group has them covered.
  • With more than 30 years of experience, this locally based roofing company is dedicated to making sure that every client is satisfied with the work performed. There is a reason that they have been such a household name in the industry for so long.

The roofers of Roofs By Rodger of Urbana IL can assist you with any questions regarding roofing, siding, gutters or windows.

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Roofs By Rodger : Performed the perfect reinstallation!

When I took a look at my roof's damaged shingles, I knew there was gonna be trouble. I called the Urbana roofers at Roofs By Rodger immediately and was pleased with how promptly they answered! The roofing contractors arrived when they said they would, walked me through the replacement procedure and made fixing my shingles seem so easy!

Near Urbana,IL. 5 star rating Overall Experience 5/5
Helping customers with a consultation

While all roofing contractors have their own preferences when it comes to installations, the group understands that the customer comes first. This Urbana company's roofers always make sure to provide clients with a consultation before they get started with any job. They ask about the customer's expectations, what kind of aesthetic and functional changes they would like to see in their homes and what kind of supplementary services they are interested in. The group's professionals always provide their input when it is requested and adhere to the customer's exact standards before they get started with any job. No matter whether they are going to replace shingles or install new siding, they make sure that all the planned changes are concrete before they get started. Each expert roofer always perform the job correctly, focusing on every last detail to provide the ideal service that other roofing companies do not offer.

Attention to detail on every project, one of the best roofing companies in the area

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