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Mattoon Roofing: Article About Commercial Low Slope Roofing Options

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Commercial property owners who have large scale structures in urban settings have a host of roofing options that not only provide exceptional protection for their buildings but also help save money in energy and other costs as well. Working with a certified Mattoon roofing professional can help property owners evaluate and select a budget friendly style to meet their needs.

Modified bitumen, PVC and synthetic rubber are the most widely used roofing products for low or no slope roofs. They offer a variety of conveniences, from cold installation techniques to light reflecting properties that help save on cooling costs. Most are chemical and puncture resistant and offer ease of maintenance and repair. They are designed to aid water runoff and are highly leak resistant. Installation times vary according to the method of application but generally are not overly time consuming to install.

Solar shingles are becoming increasingly more popular because of the tremendous benefits that they offer to property owners. Solar shingles perform a double duty; they protect the building just as any other type of roof would, and they capture energy from the sun that can be channeled directly into the building's electrical grid. In addition to providing free energy, property owners who choose to install this type of green roofing product may be eligible for significant tax breaks from both federal and state governments.

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The federal tax break is usually about 30 percent of the purchase and installation cost, but the states vary considerably and may be quite a bit higher.

Another great no slope roofing option, particularly in urban locations, is the installation of a living roof. Living roofs can be combined with other types of roofing materials and produce a wealth of benefits. Like solar roofing, living roofs may come with some tax credits to help offset the purchase and installation costs. Additionally, living roofs combat the heat island effect that can raise urban temperatures significantly, potentially lowering cooling costs. They also absorb storm water, saving the city's drainage systems. Living roofs can be constructed to just about any size, but larger installations can be used as a relaxation area. Research is showing that greenery in the workplace improves employee performance, lessens absenteeism and increases employ satisfaction.

A number of living roof options are available, and more are being developed each year. Reputable contractors can estimate both the costs and the potential savings so that property owners can make an informed choice about their roof.

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