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Choosing options and color schemes for a new home can be exciting. Homeowners have the opportunity to reflect their personal style and add flair to their home. One part of home design and building that may be overlooked is the type of roofing material that is chosen. Asphalt shingle is so common that home builders often choose it without thinking about other, more durable and perhaps more attractive roofing products that are available.

Clay tile is a roofing product that is largely associated with the Spanish style of architecture. However, clay is a very versatile and durable roofing choice that comes in a variety of options to complement just about any style of home. The traditional S shaped tiles are just one of the many styles available. Clay can be molded to just about any shape and comes in a wealth of colors, which can really make a statement on any home. A certified Mattoon roofing contractor can work with homeowners to find a style that is right for them.

One excellent reason to choose tile over asphalt is its incredible durability. A well maintained clay tile roof can last 100 years or more.

Clay also stands up well to very harsh weather. In areas that experience hurricane force winds, snow or ice, clay provides an enduring and low maintenance option.

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It is also fireproof, and clay is impervious to the rot, insect infestation and mildew that often affect other types of roofing material. The rich colors associated with clay do not fade over time. This is because the color is infused into the clay during the curing process.

Like other green roofing products, clay tile roofs help conserve heat in the winter and help keep the home cool in the summer. Air circulation is generally better with clay than with other roofing materials as well. Another benefit of this environmentally friendly roofing is that clay tile may qualify the owners for federal or state tax incentives.

It is important that homeowners be aware that clay tile is heavier than many other types of roofing products and therefore requires a very strong decking. An existing roof deck may need to have additional supports added. Clay tile is also more expensive than other types of roofing products, but it lasts much longer and requires a lot less maintenance. A properly installed clay tile roof can last throughout the life of the home, and thus will not likely ever need to be replaced, which ends up saving the property owner significant money in the long term.

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