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When looking for a new home, families often have an idea of what they are looking for in terms of location, numbers of bedrooms, the size of the backyard and so on. The style of roof may be very low down on the list of priorities. This article explains why prospective homebuyers should set criteria for this important structural feature.

There are two general categories of roof: hipped and gabled. A hipped roof has all four sides sloping down to the walls. A square hipped roof has a pyramidal shape with four triangular sides whereas a rectangular hipped roof has two short sides that are shaped like triangles and two longer sides with a trapezoid shape. The level of the fascia on all four sides is the same, and gutters may be fitted all around.

A gabled house has only two slopes. The remaining two sides, the gables, of the house come to a point where the ridge of the roof meets the walls. This type of roof has gutters on only two sides.

Each style has advantages and disadvantages; some styles do better in some areas than others. It pays to consult a Mattoon roofing contractor to find out which style is best in the local weather conditions.

A hipped roof has a slight advantage in the strong winds.

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With fewer sharp corners and a generally shallow slope, they have a lower profile and a more stable structure. The leeward side of a gabled roof behaves like an airplane wing in a severe storm; a gabled roof with a low pitch has the potential to peel off.

Home seekers who have their hearts set on a gabled roof need not despair. There are means of securing a gabled roof, such as the addition of a vertical fin, a moveable flap or hurricane clamps. Studies have shown that steep roofs stand up well to strong winds.

Hipped roofs have a number of disadvantages when compared to their gabled counterparts. They offer less living space in the attic compared to a gabled roof. They are also harder to construct, which adds to the price. Access is trickier, so they are more difficult to maintain. Hipped roofs are harder to ventilate. In the absence of a skylight or dormer window, they offer less light than a gable with windows.

Having identified the perfect house with the perfect roof, it is a good idea to find out when the roof was last replaced and how many years are left on the warranty.

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