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Metal roofs, once reserved for buildings like barns and warehouses, have been popping up on a lot of homes lately. New designs and innovations in construction have made the once boring material into a stylish finale for almost any home. Sleek ridges run parallel down their slopes, and they come in colors to complement any exterior. Unlike some housing trends, these are here to stay.

A steel roof can increase a home's resale value. Anyone shopping for a new home will ask the same question: "How long will this roof last?" The owner who can answer, "Over 50 years," will have a huge advantage over the seller whose roof may only last 10. It gives the buyer piece of mind to know that the roof is one thing they may never have to deal as long as they keep the house.

For Champaign roofing projects, steel has an added appeal. Due to its northern latitude and the nearby lakes, this area experiences extreme weather. Heavy snows, tornadoes and the occasional hailstorm can all be fatal to traditional asphalt shingle roofs.

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The bolted steel construction with covered seams can stand up to high winds and coatings of ice that would rip apart other materials. In the rare instance that some catastrophe event might damage the roof, it is much easier to remove and replace only the section that has failed.

More savings can come in the form of Energy Star tax credits. Most steel roofs are finished with a layer of color that also increases their solar reflectivity. This cools the roof and ultimately saves energy. The lower utility bills and eligibility for cool roof tax credits add up over time. The reflective quality can be added to any color of paint. If the roof hasn't already been treated, it only requires a coat of the special paint, a much easier process than converted shingle roofs. Steel roofs are environmentally friendly in other ways as well. They last longer and are easier to recycle than any type of shingle. Over 20 billion pounds of asphalt shingles are taken to the dump every year. Tile and wood shingles meet similar fates.

There are many practical reasons to love new steel roofs, but most importantly, they combine form and function. Styles that mimic tile are available, but the original standing seams are hard to beat. The sleek lines are quickly becoming a classic in their own right.

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