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People who go green are usually motivated by concern for the planet and the quality of the air their children breathe, but modern technology is making energy efficiency more cost effective as well. Solar panels, electric cars and Energy Star rated products typically have a higher upfront cost but reduce energy consumption over the long term.

One of the best ways to save money on energy bills is by installing Energy Star approved windows and skylights. A consultation with Champaign roofing contractors can answer questions about tax rebates and utility rate reductions for homeowners who install qualifying skylights and shingles. These incentives are offered by the government and many utility companies to encourage homeowners to invest in the public good by reducing carbon emissions and energy dependency. In the long run, they also reduce the cost of a home renovation by making homes easier to keep cool in summer and warm in winter.

A roof replacement offers one of the biggest opportunities to reduce a home's energy consumption since a roof is the largest structure between the sun and a home's interior. In winter, a roof has the potential to collect warmth from the sun and reduce heating bills.

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In summer, it can reflect solar radiation away from the home, keeping upstairs rooms cool and reducing air conditioning bills. A roof plays a vital role in protecting a home, but it only costs about 4 percent of the home's total value.

Installing an energy efficient roof isn't an extravagant expense at all. In fact, the prudent choice is to install the roof that makes a home as efficient as possible. The biggest variation in a roof's energy performance is in the choice of skylights, but shingles also play a part in regulating indoor temperatures. Cool roof shingles reflect solar radiation and make it less expensive to keep a home cool in the summer. They don't cost significantly more than regular shingles, but they're not always the best choice for a roof. In cold climates, they reduce energy efficiency in winter by reflecting heat rather than capturing it, so it only makes sense to install them in northern parts of the country.

Skylights can improve energy efficiency in hot or cold climates, but the proper skylights must be chosen for the location. In hot climates, skylights can reduce air conditioning bills by blocking out the sun's heat, and in cold climates, they can help heat a home by collecting solar radiation. Skylight size and placement also affect their performance, so homeowners should consult factory trained roofers before making a purchase.

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