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Ponding water can lead to many different and significant adverse effects on any roofing system. The adequate design, setup and upkeep of a home's roofing structures can easily prevent this problem from occurring as well as any other weather-related problems. Ponding water occurs when the water from rain or melted snow lies on a roof for two days or even longer. Whether the roof is flat or low-sloped, ponding can wreak havoc on the roofing and structure of the home.

If a homeowner begins to notice water puddling on their roof for more than 48 hours, it could lead to the leaking, sagging or dipping of roofing materials. Low spots on the roof will allow water to collect, which can be damaging to the plywood and roofing sheathing if left unfixed. A roof that leaks from ponding should be evaluated by a Champaign roofing professional in order to prevent costly damages.

A common problem with flat roofs, ponding water can cause organic matter to develop and thrive within a roofing system's adhesives. This matter can be damaging if the ponding happens along weak points of a roof. The matter can then develop into mold or even a plant. When the plant growth is allowed to grow, the roots can then enter into the sheath and reach the insulation.

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Even if the plant dies, there can be a wide opening left where moisture will catch and cause the hole to expand.

By far the greatest hazard linked with ponding water is weight and the possibility of damage to the roof and even collapsing. Just 1 inch of water weighs 5 pounds on a roof. The ponding of the water on top of the roof can make it much more difficult for the roof to support its structural integrity. The risk associated with collapse or leaking from the collection of water over time can cause expensive damage and health hazards from mold and other fungi.

It is recommended that homeowners get their roofs inspected a minimum of once a year to ensure the water is draining properly and that the roofing system is structurally sound. When the roof is evaluated for proper roof drainage and the nature of any damage is discovered early on, the cost of repair is typically inexpensive when compared to replacement. No matter the extent of the problem, it is advised that homeowners seek professional advice and service to ensure accurate assessment and repair.

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