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You may be thinking about selling your home, but the structure really needs a new roof. Ideally, you should hire Champaign roofing professionals for your replacement project. Adding a new roof to the home before a sale gives it a higher value in the marketplace than before. It's important to follow a few guidelines before scheduling your roof service and potential real estate sale. With the right timeline, you'll reap the rewards of your investment efforts.

No roof replacement project can take place during the winter when frigid temperatures abound. It's preferable to schedule your replacement for early spring. Snow and ice shouldn't be a concern so that contractors can concentrate on a high-quality installation. Calling your roofer early in the year also gives you the best choice in materials and installation dates. You don't want to have a summer installation date when you're planning on a rapid selling process.

Aside from quickly completing the project with an early spring project date, the new materials will also need time to settle into the structure itself. Shingles will expand and contract as they settle into position. In fact, it's normal for contractors to return after a few weeks in order to adjust any materials that have become misaligned. You don't want to put the home on the market yet.

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Allow the materials to settle for a few months before any open houses. Misaligned shingles might be misunderstood by potential buyers as a bad roof overall.

Ask your roofers to perform a basic gutter cleaning right before your open house, such as in the summer. Spring is known for its plant growth, but you might have some natural debris trapped in the gutters since the replacement project. Cleaning the gutters also allows the professionals to align any sections that have settled over time.

Keep copies of every warranty document offered to you during the replacement project. Ideally, one of those documents should be a transferable roofing warranty. When potential buyers see this warranty, they know that they'll benefit from any free services if the materials fail within the qualified time period.

Your home will undergo an inspection before any property transfers can occur. Reputable inspectors will visually inspect the roof, and they will not step on it. If the inspector insists on walking across the rooftop, you can refuse the service. This action will void any warranties that you have with the contractor or material manufacturer. A new rooftop should be preserved with only a visual examination necessary.

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