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Most homes in Illinois are outfitted with asphalt shingle roofing. This type of a roof is inexpensive, easy to install and able to be color coordinated with the home's exterior. On occasion, one or more shingles may fall off the roof. Champaign roofing contractors can help diagnose the causes of missing shingles and remedy the situation to protect the structural integrity and durability of the building's roofing system.

The most frequent reason for missing shingles is failure of the fasteners. The majority of houses use roofing nails to secure shingles to the roof decking. Exposure to moisture, improper installation or high winds may cause the roofing nails to pop out of the wood decking of the roof or to rust. Loose underlayment or roofing felt may also cause the nails to pop out. With nothing holding the shingle into place, it may fall off on its own after a gust of wind.

Another common reason why shingles go missing is severe weather. During a thunderstorm, hailstorm or high wind event, the shingles may be uplifted enough to be pulled out of place. This frequently happens to shingles at the edge of the roof or at the roof's peak or ridge line.

Shingles may also fall off after someone has walked across the roof.

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A shingle that is already loose may not be able to withstand the forces of a person's weight. Homeowners should avoid walking on the rooftop unless it is absolutely necessary to do so.

Falling debris can also knock asphalt shingles out of place. If a tree limb falls on the roof, it may knock several shingles off. A fallen satellite dish or TV antenna may also cause a few shingles to fall off the rooftop. To lessen the risk of falling objects damaging the roof, homeowners can have tree branches pruned back to at least 6 feet away from the roof's edge. Any antennas or satellite equipment that are no longer in use should be properly removed by an experienced roofing service.

When a few shingles have fallen off a roof, the repair process is typically fast and simple. A roofing company can come and replace the individual shingles within just an hour or two. Property owners may want to have the roofers do a full inspection of the roof just to make sure that there are not any hidden problems that may be lurking on the roof's decking or underlayment that could be causing the fasteners to fail.

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