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Champaign Roofing: Article About Advantages Of Wood Shingles

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Wood shingles have historical significance, and they have been used all over the world because of their unique advantages over other roofing systems. Modern wood shingles are made from many different types of common lumber, ranging from cedar to oak. For homeowners interested in installing wood shingles, it is important to consider the advantages of this product to determine if it is the best choice for the home.

These shingles are often chosen because of their unique appearance. They are installed in overlapping rows, creating an attractive rustic aesthetic that can stand out gracefully on any home's exterior. They are a popular choice because, in addition to their appearance, they are an excellent way to insulate the roof and protect it from the elements. Wood shingles resist frost damage well during the colder season and also avoid heat damage during the summer, all while providing the attic with breathing room.

Wood shingles, particularly those made of cedar, are also very lightweight but provide adequate moisture protection and durability. This makes them easy to install on any standard type of roof framing.

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Champaign roofing contractors will not need to add any support structures to the roof to accommodate the addition of these tiles. Another advantage that comes with this lightweight material is the ease of repair to individual shingles. Each shingle can simply be cut away, inspected and repaired as needed.

These shingles are growing in popularity as well, and they can be an excellent environmental choice for the ecologically conscious homeowner. Wooden shingles are made from natural materials, which means that they do not pollute the environment when they are removed and disposed. There are no risks of off gassing, and there are no pollutants that become airborne at any point in the life of the material. They are also very easy to recycle and can be transferred from home to home very easily. All that homeowners need to do is bring their shingles to the appropriate recycling locations, and they will handle the rest.

Finally, because all wood shingles are treated the same way, the type of wood chosen usually does not matter. Homeowners will base their choice on physical appearance more than anything, and there are many different wood options to choose from. There are numerous natural attractive colors, ranging from rich reds to earthy browns. Homeowners are encouraged to explore their decorative options and select shingles to match their needs.

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