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It makes sense to replace a broken window, but homeowners can protect the value of their home by learning the signs and symptoms of aging windows as well. Replacing windows in a timely manner not only keeps insect infestation at bay, but also guards against high utility bills and mold development. Windows can be replaced by reputable Urbana Roofers, who can also suggest brands and types of windows that best meet the needs of the homeowner.

When considering window replacement, the type of pane is a factor. Single pane glass is found in many older homes but doesn't provide the energy efficiency of dual pane glass. One sign that a window has a single pane is the development of frost on the inside of windows when temperatures drop, although dual pane glass can also frost when older. Not only does frost affect utility bills, it also makes the glass more susceptible to breaking.

Dual pane glass may have small cracks that aren't readily visible. Whether the glass is single or dual pane, cracks leak and let a draft or moisture into the room. Look for fluttering, blowing or moving window treatments as a sign of drafts. For moisture leakage, feel curtains and shades for damp or wet spots when windows are closed.

Another factor to consider is the light that comes through the windows.

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Ultraviolet rays easily penetrate older glass and can cause discoloration to objects inside the home. Look for faded areas on curtain fabric, carpets and furniture in line with the window. During different times of the day, light illumines different areas, so inspect behind and beneath furniture in addition to more obvious areas of the room. New windows can be installed with laminated glass to block the damaging rays and protect belongings and property values.

The glass itself is not the only part of the window that ages. Window frames can pose safety and security threats, as well as drafts and water leakage. Check the structure of window frames to see if they close and lock properly. Also inspect the seal and walls around the window inside and outside for cracks and corrosion. Replacing windows that don't fit, close or lock properly reduces security risks.

A final consideration is noise reduction. Listen to the sounds that penetrate windows. If an excessive amount of noise from outside, such as traffic, airplanes, neighbors or outdoor pets, is entering the home, new windows may be called for. Replacing windows with dual pane glass laminated windows not only reduces light damage, but it also reduces noise pollution.

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