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Urbana Roofers: Article About What To Do After Hail Damage

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When a homeowner suspects that their home may have suffered hail damage, it is in their best interest to discuss their situation with Urbana roofers in the area. It is immensely important for homeowners to develop a minimal understanding of how professionals assess and treat roof damage to comply with insurance requirements.

One thing that should be understood is that roof damage does not necessarily lead to immediate leaks; therefore, a homeowner should not assume that the fact that there are no leaks means that there is no damage. A common mistake made by homeowners is the minimization of hail damage. Homeowners tend to underestimate the severity of hail damage to the roof and fail to address the problem immediately, which leads to more expensive repairs down the road. Due to all that is at stake when a roof is damaged by hail, the homeowner should take all the necessary steps to ensure that the roof is properly repaired.

Additionally, it is important to handle everything in an expeditious manner to ensure that any deadlines that may be put in place by the insurance policy are met. A homeowner can miss the opportunity to file a claim with their insurance company if the damage to the roof is not detected and the subsequent claim filed in a timely fashion.

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The first step is to find an expert who is capable of detecting and assessing the damage. There is a common misconception that home inspectors have the capacity and expertise to effectively assess roof damage; however, the truth is that the vast majority of home inspectors do not have the formal training required to evaluate roof damage with any sort of accuracy. The home's roof should be physically inspected by someone who has undergone the proper training to determine if there is hail damage and, if so, the extent of the damage.

There should be visible signs of hail damage alerting the homeowner to the need to contact an expert. Some common signs of hail damage include missing granules, missing shingles and dark spots or bruising on the shingles. When it comes to the evaluation of the damage, it is not only what can be visually detected that matters; what is hidden from clear view can affect the extent of the overall damage of the roof. Once the extent of the damage has been determined, the homeowner should file an immediate claim with their insurance provider.

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