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Sprayed polyurethane foam, or SPF, is very popular among those looking for a high tech roofing insulation solution from their Urbana roofers. It is light and insulates very well. It also provides a smooth and uniform look that some homeowners like.

SPF's many advocates claim that it is a better roofing material than traditional insulation. It is important to keep in mind that it is costly as with many new technologies. However, the costs will be eventually overtaken by the savings incurred from having more effective insulation.

The first thing homeowners must consider when looking into SPF is the amount and expense of the materials. The foam alone will cost hundreds of dollars. The homeowner must also pay for the primer, which is necessary to ready the roof for the foam. Finally, the homeowner must pay for a biodegradable degreaser, which is the first step in the process and must not be overlooked.

Once the homeowner has accounted for the materials, it is time to research the labor involved.

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Much like labor for other roofing materials, the cost of installation varies wildly based on where the home is, how large the roof is and whether the home has existing roofing that must be covered or removed.

Although the prices for labor do vary greatly, it is possible for a ballpark estimate. A cheap job will cost a couple of dollars per square foot. Therefore, spraying a small, 1,000 square foot home may cost thousands of dollars. Keep in mind that this is a low quality job on a small home. An SPF spray job on a large home may cost substantially more.

What many homeowners do not know is that the complexity of the job also affects the price. If a home has a typically shaped roof, it won't be prohibitively expensive to spray it. However, a roof with a lot of slope or substantial surface area is a different story. This kind of roof makes it much more difficult for the roofing company to apply the foam.

The variance in cost is often due to the quality of workmanship. Homeowners are advised to look up reviews on the Internet when searching for a roofing company. If a company has dozens of positive reviews, homeowners can rest assured that that particular roofing company will do quality work. Experts also recommend that those interested in SPF call roofing companies and ask about their experience with foam roofing.

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