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Replacing a roof is an expensive undertaking. It should be. The roof of a home protects the family and their belongings from the elements, animals and intruders. It also protects the structure itself. When a roof is blown away by a tornado or other fierce storm, the outer walls collapse outward.

A roof is only as good as the contractor who builds it. This article aims to explain how the state government helps the consumer identify qualified Urbana roofers. The Department of Financial and Professional Regulation has produced a leaflet entitled, "Find a Licensed Roofer." The brochure contains guidelines for property owners to protect themselves against unlicensed roofers.

The first piece of advice is to be leery of contractors who go door to door offering their services. These individuals tend to appear after a severe storm. Frequently, they are itinerants who may well hold a roofing license, but maybe not with the local state. Be wary also of contractors who offer to pay the deductible on the home insurance. Making this offer is a typical ploy to attract business but it is always illegal.

Before putting pen to paper and signing a contract with any roofer, the leaflet advises writing down the name of the contractor and the company's license number. State licensed contractors must put this number on any official paperwork.

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Consumers may check the license number via the Internet. Ask to see photo identification, as well as evidence of current insurance. Also check for workers' compensation.

Another way of verifying a contractor's credentials is to look for a roofer who is certified by a manufacturer of roofing materials. Companies who offer extensive warranties on their products, are anxious to make sure the people who install them are the best in their profession.

By engaging a contractor who is certified by the manufacturer, such as a Master Elite contractor, a homeowner can be sure that the contractor holds a proper license, adequate insurance, a proven record of accomplishment and a commitment to ongoing professional education.

When negotiating a contract, make sure it specifies a date by which the work will be done. While a degree of flexibility is reasonable because of crew scheduling and fickle weather, there should be a date by which the work is done, or the contract is terminated, and the deposit refunded. Never, ever, sign a contract that has blank spaces.

The state recommends that homeowners pay contractors by check, money order or certified check. Make sure it is payable to the company name and not an individual. Never pay for services in cash.

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