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After the cold of winter and the presence of inclement weather conditions such as snow, sleet and even hail, preparing a roof for spring and summer is a vital part of roof maintenance that should not be overlooked. Even an adequately winterized roof may have endured some damage during the cold and harsh winter weather conditions, so proper care toward the end of the season and the beginning of spring can help a homeowner ensure that minor issues do not become major ones that require the specialized care of Urbana roofers.

Once it is evident that winter has reached its end and spring has arrived, the homeowner should begin by conducting an interior and exterior inspection of the roofing system and its components. The attic should be inspected for any signs of water damage or leaks, especially if ice dams have formed during the winter. Repairs should be addressed immediately, and the formation of ice dams in the winter may be an indication that the insulation should be replaced or the ventilation system upgraded during the spring months.

The exterior inspection of the roof should include a thorough analysis of all roofing components and their respective functionality.

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Any signs of shingle degradation or granule loss should be addressed, and any indication that the flashing or sealant is not functioning optimally should lead to repair or replacement of these important components. The fascia and soffit should also be inspected for any signs of wear or rot, with repairs conducted as necessary to ensure continued function.

Upon inspecting the roofing system and making any repairs needed, the homeowner should also consider cleaning the roof using the appropriate method. Spring is a good time to do this, as waiting until the hot months of summer will make the job more difficult to complete. An overcast day should be selected and the proper tools utilized for cleaning the roof. Corrosive cleaners and pressure washers should be avoided, as a noncorrosive roof cleaning product is effective and will not degrade the roofing components.

Spring roof preparation should also involve some preventive maintenance. Trees that are close to the roof should be trimmed while they are still dormant from winter so that the roof is not exposed to potential damage caused by overhanging limbs falling onto its surface. Trees should be trimmed back so that the limbs are at least six feet from the roof, although 10 feet is considered ideal. Keeping the tree limbs trimmed will also limit animals and other pests from having an easy means of access to the roofing system, which is also an important preventive measure to address during the spring months.

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