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Often people in Northern climates mistakenly believe that they do not get enough sunlight to make solar power affordable or cost effective. Solar shingles, however, are a great roofing product that can help property owners save money while increasing the overall value of their homes. Talking with certified Urbana roofers is the best way to determine if a solar installation is right for a particular home, but here is some general information that may help in the decision making process.

Solar shingles are compact energy gatherers that both protect the home and generate power that can be used to provide for the home's electrical needs. Unlike their large solar panel counterparts, solar shingles are small and lie flush with the roof. They can resemble normal roofing shingles.

In order to get the most value from a solar installation, some conditions must be met. The roofing surface must have a sufficient amount of southern facing slope in order to gather the optimal amount of sunlight. A pitched roof, rather than a flat roof, is ideal, though in some instances a flat roof may work. Any overhanging branches would need to be removed so that the sun's light can penetrate the solar shingle cells.

It is often not necessary to cover an entire roof with solar shingles in order to generate a sufficient amount of power to make the investment worthwhile.

The roofers of Roofs By Rodger of Urbana IL can assist you with any questions regarding windows or roofing.

Interested property owners can actually decide what percentage they would like to save on their bill each month, and a roofing professional can calculate the amount of solar shingles needed to produce that savings. Theoretically, 100 percent of a home's electrical needs can be supplied by solar power, but many factors that affect this outcome.

Solar shingles gather energy any time the sun is out. That means that even when it is overcast, the cells can still be producing energy. Any energy that is not used up during the day can be sold back to the power company. Different states have different regulations regarding how this is accomplished, so it is important to check with the local power company prior to an installation. In most instances, excess power is credited back to the homeowner each month.

In addition to saving homeowners money on power bills, solar shingle installation can increase the value of a home by up to thirty percent. Interested homeowners can work with their local utility and real estate companies to optimize their savings.

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