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During the long winter months, several inches of snow can build up on the roof. In many cases, the snow easily melts off and there is no damage done. However, in some cases, it can cause serious damage. Having snow on the roof melt can cause ice dams in the gutters, which leads to bigger problems with leaking and water damage. In extreme cases, the weight load from heavy, wet snow can even cause a roof to collapse. Homeowners who have a lot of snow on their roofs should consider various ways of snow removal. Most of the time, the safest option is to hire professional Urbana roofers to remove the snow.

The biggest problems with snow on the roof arise when the weight load of the snow becomes too heavy for the roof to bear. This isn't usually a problem with light, fluffy snow, but when the snow is wet, it becomes heavier. Also, snow that was once light and fluffy can start to melt, becoming a heavy layer underneath snow that looks lighter. Most roofs are built to withstand the weight from snow, but some years there is more snowfall than normally expected.

Some people might consider using heat cables, but these aren't the most effective method. They could be good for melting ice after damming has occurred, but they won't get rid of significant amounts of snow on the roof.

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Roof raking is probably a better method. This involves using a special roof rake that has a long handle. Ideally, the homeowner should be able to stand on the ground and use the rake to scrape the snow off of the roof, and it will safely fall to the ground. However, this becomes a lot more difficult if it's a two story house and the person doing the raking needs a ladder to reach most of the areas. There's also the danger that the snow could slide off of the roof and land on the person doing the raking.

Another option is to shovel the snow off of the roof. In this case, a person will physically go up on the roof and push the snow off with a shovel. Obviously, with a potential layer of ice underneath the snow, this method can be extremely dangerous and should really be left up to the professionals.

Having a lot of snow on the roof should be concerning, and a smart homeowner should look for signs that the roof can't bear the weight, such as slumping. Even before that happens, hiring a professional roofer to get the snow off of the roof can be a good move.

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