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Most homeowners know that eventually, the time will come when they will need to replace the roof on their home. Even the best roofing systems will one day require replacement, but not every roofing problem is necessarily an indication that a homeowner needs to invest in a new roof. There are times when experienced Urbana roofers can fix minor problems, leaving a roof capable of providing many more years of effective home protection.

When determining whether a roof needs to be replaced or simply repaired, it is important to not only consider the roofing materials but also the age of the roof. A typical asphalt shingle roof will last 20 to 25 years. However, many factors can play a role in the longevity of a roof. For example, asphalt shingles that were installed over other layers of roofing will generally not have as long of a life expectancy and can make finding a leak extremely difficult.

A roof that has buckling or curling shingles could be due for replacement. Problems like buckling or curling often signal that a roof is past its prime. Replacing the roof can help ensure maximum protection. Additionally, damaged shingles can be a sign that there is damage to the substructure that should be handled immediately by an experienced roofing contractor.

A heavy storm with high winds can definitely cause damage and a few missing shingles might not indicate an extensive problem, but any time there are missing shingles, homeowners should have their roof inspected.

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An older roof might start to lose shingles simply due to age and deterioration of the roofing materials.

Homeowners should also check roof valleys for signs of trouble. If there is roof damage or shingles are missing in a roof valley, a home is likely to experience leaks and water damage.

As shingles age and begin to deteriorate from years of exposure to sun, heat, cold, water and wind, they will eventually start losing their surface granules. One place where homeowners might first notice a problem is when their gutters start collecting these granules. With granules coming lose, the shingle will provide less protection and can leave a home vulnerable to leaks and damage.

Homeowners can also check their roof from the underside. An occasional inspection from the attic can help homeowners spot potential problems. If daylight is visible through the roof boards, it's time to call in a professional roofer. Additionally, it is important that homeowners occasionally check the attic insulation. Any sign of moisture could indicate a roof leak. Fixing leaks or replacing the roof can help prevent further damage.

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