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In residential communities, shingle roofs can be found on nearly every corner. Low installation costs and practicality have made these attractive structures commonplace. They appear in various colors and textures that express the individuality and personal style of the homeowner while updating the look of even the oldest homes. Each type of shingle is sturdy and durable yet has its own distinct characteristics. Popular types that can be installed by Urbana roofers include asphalt, fiberglass, wood and shake, slate and solar shingles.

Asphalt is relatively inexpensive and very popular in the construction of roof shingles. It makes a fairly strong, long lasting roof covering and is easy to install. Since it does not hold up well against hail and other natural hazards, asphalt is not used for flat roofs. It is also affected by sudden temperature changes. In an extremely cold or hot region, asphalt shingles work well, but they are prone to cracking when a cold snap hits a warm climate bringing a rapid shift in conditions.

Shingles were once designed with mats made of paper felt that left them weak, but modern manufacturers have introduced the fiberglass mat. For strength and waterproofing, these newly developed shingles are optimal. Sometimes, the fiberglass mat is coated with a mixture of asphalt and mineral fillers that increases the material's ability to resist water and fire.

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Briefly, the old paper felt shingles were presented again under the label organic shingles. Their mats, which were advertised as eco friendly elements, consisted of wood chips, paper and cardboard.

Among the oldest forms of roofing supplies are the wood shingle and shake. They are generally built from pine, cypress, redwood or red cedar and, in today's industry, can include synthetic materials. Although wood is more expensive upfront and requires more routine maintenance than other shingle types, it can withstand severe weather without cracking and often stays solid for many years. The aesthetic effect of wood shingles and shakes cannot be attained through the use of any other product. Unless damaged by fire or termites, these durable roofing components can be money saving commodities in the long run.

While most homeowners opt for less pricey roofing products, some prefer slate or solar shingles for their energy saving attributes and sleek design. Slate is too heavy for a lot of buildings, but it is unique, durable and waterproof. Solar shingles are a newer material that promise great results in protection and efficiency.

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