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After a storm, homeowners naturally become concerned about the structural integrity of their roofs. To catch damage as soon as possible, it's important to inspect a roof immediately following a major storm. Here are some things people should look for that will tell them whether repairs from Urbana roofers are needed.

After a major thunderstorm or windstorm, it's important to check for broken or missing shingles, bent flashing or loose roofing nails. Shingles and flashing may sometimes be found in the yard, which is an obvious sign that damage has occurred. Other times, they may be seen by viewing the roof from the ground with a pair of binoculars.

Gutters are likely to become clogged with debris after a storm, so they should be cleaned and inspected shortly afterwards. Homeowners should look for shingle remnants, tarpaper or roofing nails in their gutters, which indicates that certain sections of roofing have blown off. In some cases, guttering may contain a large amount of granules, and this is a sign that shingles may no longer be able to repel water effectively.

The area directly underneath chimneys, pipes and roof vents should be checked after a storm for signs of moisture damage. There may be dark spots on ceilings or walls, indicating a small leak that will only become worse unless repairs are made.

The roofing experts of Roofs By Rodger of Urbana can assist you with any questions regarding windows or gutters.

After a hailstorm, metal parts of a roof may have what appear to be small dents in them. On full metal roofs, these dents can typically be observed by looking at the roof with a pair of binoculars. Shingled roofs may require an individual to physically climb onto the surface to check for dents in the flashing, roof vents or other metal areas.

The ridge cap of a roof is especially vulnerable to hail damage. Shingles covering a roof cap may become split, cracked, torn or missing due to the excessive pounding of hailstones against them. Small dimples can sometimes be felt simply by running one's hand over top of the shingles as well. If dimples are felt, homeowners should press against them to see if they "give" as this will determine whether the shingle has already begun to deteriorate.

Those who inspect their roofs on a regular basis will be better able to spot storm damage as soon as it occurs. For best results, at least two regular inspections should be performed annually in addition to periodic inspections that take place right after a storm passes.

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