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As winter approaches, it's a smart idea to take the time to prepare the roof for the upcoming cold and snowy weather. After all, it's hard to make fixes with a layer of snow covering the roof, and getting lazy could mean significant damage down the line. There are some things a homeowner can do on his or her own, but other tasks might require the help of professional Urbana roofers.

A thorough gutter cleaning should be the first step a homeowner takes to get the roof ready for winter. During the fall, leaves can collect in the gutters, making it difficult for melted snow to drain. Scrape the leaves out of the gutters and consider using a gutter cover to prevent more leaves from getting in. A professional can take care of this job if the homeowner doesn't want to take it on.

While looking at the gutters, it's smart to extend them away from the home at least a three to four feet. A spout extender attaches right over the current gutter and expands and bends to allow the homeowner to direct the water wherever he or she wants it to go.

Homeowners should check the inside of the roof from the attic to be sure that there are no visible leaks.

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Any leaks should be repaired before the snow starts falling, as it will be very difficult to make the fix when there's snow on the roof. Remember that small cracks or holes in the fall can become very big with the added weight of the snow.

Similarly, if there are any loose shingles or shingles that have been damaged, it's smart to have someone come out to make those repairs. Finally, if there were icicles and ice dams the previous year, it's smart to find the energy leaks that were causing them. Ice dams occur when the roof gets warm enough to start melting the ice, but the cold metal of the gutters freezes the melted water immediately. Typically, an additional layer of insulation can help with ice damming problems as could ensuring that the soffits in the attic are allowing for proper ventilation. Try getting an energy audit to find out what the problem might be.

The snow and cold weather in the winter can be very hard on the home's structure. A smart homeowner will spend some time getting his or her roof ready to brave those winter months.

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