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Replacing the existing gutter system for the home is not a minor decision. Gutters are responsible for routing rainwater and melting snow away from the roof's edge and carefully depositing it away from the home's foundation. For that reason, the materials involved in replacing the gutters should be carefully considered. An impulsive decision made without the help of professional Urbana roofers could lead to serious consequences further down the road.

The best method is to seek out gutter possibilities before it comes time to replace them. That way, homeowners can take their time to investigate popular styles and materials before they have to decide. Often, the most popular option isn't the best choice. For example, aluminum gutters are one of the more popular options selected by homeowners today. They are lightweight, have a reasonable lifespan and are easy to install.

Since aluminum requires a lot of upkeep, many homeowners have chosen to go with seamless styles. A seamless style doesn't mean the gutter will never leak, however. Seamless gutters do have seams at their corners and where two pieces of gutter pipe fit together, but upkeep is less because fewer seams means fewer leaks.

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The downside to using aluminum is that the material is so soft that falling tree branches or leaning a ladder against them can cause them to dent or crack.

Galvanized steel is another popular choice. Heavier than aluminum, homeowners love its strength and durability. These gutters come painted with a protective coating. This coating helps them resist normal wear and tear and the wide assortment of colors allows them to easily fit into the home's current design and color scheme. Although they are not as easy to install as aluminum gutters, they won't need as much maintenance long term.

For those on a limited budget, vinyl or plastic gutters are available. Plastic is more popular than vinyl since it isn't as likely to fade from the sun's rays. However, in wetter climates, plastic is a lot more fragile. Cold weather makes plastic brittle, so the gutters will crack easier than other materials. They are also as susceptible to dents as aluminum gutters are. Depending on how close the trees are to the house, plastic gutters can also be damaged by falling limbs during a storm.

Given the many choices that homeowners have, when it comes time to replace the gutters, the best option is to seek out the help of a professional roofer. Experienced contractors can discuss the various options so that homeowners can make an informed decision.

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