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Replacing the existing roof is a major investment for a home or business owner, so the decision should not be taken lightly. Today, there are many options that fit a variety of budgets, styles and tastes. Whether a business owner is looking for durability and little upkeep or a homeowner wants a style that will fit into the home's current design, there is a roofing option that will suit their requirements.

For homeowners, asphalt shingles are the most popular option. These roofs are easy for local Urbana roofers to install and repair. Plus, the shingles are lower in cost than other materials. However, their susceptibility to the weather gives them a short lifespan. For that reason, composite shingles might be a better option.

Although more susceptible to negative weather conditions than wood, metal or clay, composite shingles contain a large amount of recycled materials that make them stronger than typical asphalt. They are also better able to hold up against heavy wind, snow and ice. Heavier than asphalt alone, composite roofs are not as weighty as clay or shake, so homeowners won't need to have the roof's structure reinforced.

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Designed to resemble wood shake, composite shingles add a unique style and design to any home with little to no maintenance costs. In addition, composite shingles often come with a lengthy warranty, sometimes up to 50 years, so they are extremely durable and easy on the budget.

For business owners, metal roofs are quite popular due to their resistance to the weather and almost problem free upkeep. Metal roofs hold up well against fire, snow, ice and heavy winds. They will also stay free of rust and mold if sealed properly. Easy to install, they can often be placed over the top of the existing asphalt roof if the roof is still in good condition. The same goes for the newer composite shingles, but with a composite roof, the existing roof has to be completely flat. With a metal roof, it doesn't.

When tallying up overall expenses, metal makes an excellent long term investment. There is no tear off when placing it over the top of the current roof and maintenance consists of checking out the flashing, caulking and other minor potential issues on a regular basis. For that reason, many homeowners are also turning to metal roofs since they come in a variety of attractive styles and colors as well as more basic forms.

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