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Roof slope or pitch is also called steepness. It is measured by taking the change in height in inches over the distance of twelve inches and expressing it as a ratio such as 3:12 or 6:12. Traditional Mediterranean and Southwest housing styles have what look like flat roofs and are described as no slope roofs, but they really have a pitch of ½:12 to 2:12. In addition to architectural appearance, the main purpose of the roof pitch is to aid water runoff. Many building codes call for a minimum pitch and professional Urbana roofers can let a customer know what the requirements are in the area.

Even if the roof of a house has a steep pitch or a traditional pitch, the home may have a deck or porch with low or no slope. Sometimes, the floor of the deck or porch can also function as the roof for part of the house. In every case, special care and materials should be taken to assure the design, construction and materials for the no or low slope structure to prevent water buildup and leakage into the house.

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In addition to meeting the architectural preferences of the owner, a low or no slope roof has other advantages. One of the advantages is ease of maintenance. Even though a no or low slope roof experiences more wear, its flatness makes it easier to maintain and repair. Another advantage to a roof with minimal steepness is its contribution to the economy of heating and cooling a home. Without an attic that holds air, the temperature of a house with a low slope roof is easier to regulate. In addition, the square footage area of a flat roof is less than the area of a pitched roof. The cost to construct a low slope roof is often lower in terms of both time and materials when compared to a sloped roof.

There are also disadvantages of a no or low slope roof, and some homeowners prefer to have a house with a pitched roof. The space between the roof and the room ceilings, the attic, is often used for storage. This area is lost when there is no air space between the ceilings and the roof. Another disadvantage of a low pitched roof is the specialized materials that are required to construct the roof. Since pitched roofs are more common, the materials needed to construct one are more obtainable.

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