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Roofs are designed to protect the home from water, but if the roof is leaking, it's not doing its job. Leaky roofs are a common sign that the roof is getting older, but a leak can also occur if there's been some type of direct damage to the roof. No matter why the roof is leaking, it's urgent to call some Urbana roofers as soon as possible to prevent any further damage.

In the case of a severe leak, the homeowner needs to take steps to mitigate any damage, especially during a rainstorm. If water is dripping through the roof, it may be pooling on the floor in the attic and it can cause visible damage to the ceilings below. It's a good idea to line the floor of the attic with a waterproof tarp, and then place towels around to soak up water. A bucket or other large container placed directly underneath the leak can also protect the area, but it may be necessary to periodically check and empty the bucket.

A slow leak may be harder to spot. For instance, the roof may have a small hole in one place, but the water can travel along the rafters some distance before dripping onto the attic floor. This can make it look like the leak is in a different place.

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Like a severe leak, placing some type of container to catch water may be necessary. If the source of the leak can be determined, it may be possible to temporarily patch it up with something like caulk until it's possible to get a roofer in to really fix the damage.

Sometimes, there's a simple fix to the problem. For example, if the roof's leak is noticeable along the walls, it's possible that there's a clog in the gutter causing water to back up and soak into the roof. Simply getting rid of the clog can make a big difference.

Even when temporary fixes can stop the leak, it's still important to have a professional roofer look at the leaking roof. Sometimes, there's damage that isn't immediately noticeable. It's also essential to have someone fix the root cause of the problem to prevent further damage from occurring.

While it can be hard for a homeowner to find a roofing company when he's under the immediate pressure of a leaking roof, he can still rely on recommendations from friends and neighbors and any professional certifications the roofing company has. Getting the problem fixed as soon as possible is usually essential when it comes to a leaky roof.

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