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Rarely is replacing a residential roof a one time endeavor, especially when it comes to asphalt roofs. Asphalt roofs have an average life expectancy of 15 to 18 years; however, this can be negatively impacted by a number of different factors, including climate conditions.

Local Urbana roofers will be able to use their expertise and experience to provide homeowners in the area with an accurate approximation of how long an installed roof will last. Additionally, there are some indicators that homeowners should be cognizant of. These particular signs are indicative of the fact that it is time to replace the roof.

A good indicator that it may be time to replace a residential roof is its age. On average, an asphalt roof will come with a 15 to 20 year warranty. It is a good idea to have the roof replaced no later than the end of the warranty. The warranty is a good measure of thumb simply because the cost of any repairs that take place after the warranty expires will be coming directly from the homeowner's pocket. These costs will add up over time. This time frame is also representative of that time in the life of the roof where repairs are increasingly necessary.

A significant part of a home's value is in its curb appeal, and when the roof begins to detract from that the home's aesthetic value, it is also time to begin considering replacing the roof.

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The worn look that is often associated with the lack of attractiveness is also highly indicative of worn components on the roof. This means that at least a significant portion of the roof needs to be replaced.

Another sure sign that the roof is in need of repairs or replacement is the general poor appearance of the shingles. First, a visual examination should be conducted from the ground, and if it seems that the majority of the shingles have some sort of wear or damage, it is best to have a professional come out to take a look at the roof up close. If the shingles are curled, bent, stained, broken or constantly wet, it is best to have them examined more closely by an expert. The presence of cracking, peeling, stained or bubbling paint is a clear sign of a leak, which is more likely the result of damaged that has gone unchecked for a significant amount of time, meaning that there is a good chance that the roof needs to be replaced.

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