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Wintertime often sees below freezing temperatures and snow accumulating rapidly on rooftops. Urbana roofers are familiar with all winter roofing issues, including ice damming. This phenomenon occurs when snow melts along a warm rooftop and refreezes at the eave. An ice dam develops at the rain gutter, forcing water back up onto the roof. It's crucial for contractors to inspect and repair any roof problems before winter sets in, avoiding ice damming entirely.

Roofers begin with simple cleanliness. They'll inspect rain gutters for any clogs. Part of ice damming is trapped water at the roofline. When gutters are clogged from autumn debris falling from trees, water naturally backs up. In winter, this water becomes ice and creates another barrier to moisture flowing off the roof. Contractors may even install gutter covers to keep debris out. Cleaning the gutters is one of the simplest and effective ways to keep a roof healthy.

Lifted or curled shingles are problems any time of year. These materials must be replaced entirely. Curled shingles are simply weathered so badly that air lifts the edges. Contractors pull a shingle bundle onto the rooftop to repair the damaged section. Allowing lifted shingles to remain in place creates a huge crevice for water to seep into the structure below.

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With new shingles laying flush against the roof, no water damage from possible ice damming can occur.

Roofers look to the interior attic for even more ice damming prevention measures. An attic with insulation across the ceiling allows the roof to remain a steady temperature across its entire surface. Ice damming depends on temperature fluctuations between the ridge and eave. Insulation keeps the roof cooler, preventing snow from even melting down to the drip edge. Contractors can easily spray or roll out insulation across the attic's ceiling to complete this prevention strategy.

Roofs and attics aren't closed systems but have basic ventilation shafts between the soffit and ridge. Contractors verify that these vents are open and free from any clogs. Air moving freely up a roof's surface also controls temperature to reduce ice damming in even the worst storms.

Ice damming can be an issue every winter, so it's important to work with a trusted roofing company. Research and develop a business relationship with a contractor. Sign a service contract for basic preventive maintenance, including ice dam inspections. If any problems arise, homeowners have an instant roofing contact to reduce potential damages.

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