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Roof dormers are extensions for roofs that many homeowners use to add more ventilation and space to their homes. A hipped roof dormer is one type of dormer that Urbana roofers offer to their customers. This dormer has a hipped roof that come to a point at the top, and the cost ranges from about $2,500 to $5,000. These dormers can be built on many different home styles, they look attractive and can add value to the home. There are a number of benefits to a homeowner choosing to install a hipped roof dormer.

One reason to choose a hipped roof dormer is that it can increase storage space. Most homeowners have dark attics with short small spaces due to the slant of the roof. With the addition of a hipped roof dormer, however, it increases the storage space and the window allows more light into the area. With a dormer like this, an unusable space be can turned into something functional.

Another way that a homeowner can take advantage of a hipped roof dormer is to build a space for a reading nook. For homeowners who love to read in a quiet, cozy space, a hipped roof dormer is an excellent way to do this. Though these are not large enough to install a library, it is possible to add book shelves, which can easily become a comfortable oasis.

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It is also possible to create an office space with a hipped roof dormer. These areas are large enough to hold an office chair and small desk, which is all a person needs to build up an area to work. Since there is a window, the office area also gets a lot of natural light and ventilation.

Many homeowners often find the need for an extra bedroom for guests, and a hipped roof dormer could be the perfect solution. A single bed can fit nicely into the area, which will give any overnight guest a comfortable and private place to sleep. Homeowners who plan on using a hipped roof dormer for this may want to talk to their roofing contractor about these plans to ensure the space can accommodate a bed.

Finally, a hipped roof dormer doesn't have to go into the attic contrary to the belief of many homeowners. Instead, it can also be used to increase space in an upstairs bedroom. If a home has small bedrooms with little space, a hipped roof dormer can be installed and used for extra seating, an area for shelves or even for general bedroom storage.

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