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From ground level, the rooftop looks like a calm surface both day and night. However, shingles are always fighting against the elements. Even when a day is clear, extreme heat and cold are slowly wearing away at shingle lifespan. When Urbana roofers visit a home for a preventive maintenance appointment, they'll carefully inspect shingles for any stress fractures and other damages. It's critical to understand the stresses that shingles face through the seasons.

Hot sunlight striking the home affects shingles greatly, especially during the summer. The shingle surface can be as warm as 150 degrees Fahrenheit. With these extreme temperatures, shingle materials begin to expand. Sections may even loosen slightly as expansion pulls materials away from fasteners, for instance. If there are any weak points within the shingles' construction, cracks and other anomalies will appear with hot weather.

Some regions are prone to hot, sunny days with thunderstorms in the afternoon. This weather pattern actually causes more stress to the rooftop because there's an extreme shift in temperature within a few hours. Hot shingles are suddenly struck by cool rains and cloudy shade, for example. Shingles can technically enter thermal shock with these conditions. If any winds or debris strike at that time, shingles could be vulnerable to cracking or breaking entirely because of the extreme expansion and contraction processes during thermal shock.

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As winter moves into an area, shingles react with contraction. Materials shrink slightly, causing any potential gaps in the rooftop surface to expose themselves. Contractors should inspect a roof in the fall to verify all shingles are aligned and fastened securely to the deck. Any loose or failing shingles will create crevices during contraction that encourage leaks into the home.

Another stress on the rooftop that isn't temperature related is wind updrafts. Winds strike a roof and course up its surface. Although shingles do have some resilience against updrafts, aging or damaged shingles will slowly curl or pull off the rooftop. These areas must be repaired immediately to reduce any moisture into the attic below.

Roofers use several strategies when inspecting and repairing a rooftop. They'll use patching or roofing cement to fix those tiny cracks caused by weathering effects, but roofers may also need to replace certain shingle sections in severe cases. Listen to the estimate and ask questions about it to understand why certain repairs are necessary. A roof must have a leak free surface to serve the entire structure properly.

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