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Roofs by Rodger provides clients with reliable roofing solutions when they need them most. However, these are not the only services that the professionals behind this company provide. If homeowners need to have their windows replaced, highly skilled and trained contractors will provide unparalleled service.

Replacement windows can be found in a variety of shapes and styles. Some of the most commonly chosen materials are vinyl, wood and aluminum. While there may be some variety when it comes to individual manufacturer products, almost all window replacement procedures follow the same basic guidelines. Roofs by Rodger is dedicated to educating clients on the installation procedure, ensuring that homeowners are always aware of what changes the contractors will be making to their house.

The first step involves removing the existing window and doing a quick test fit to make sure that the new windows are the right size. The professionals will center the new window and make sure that it is level, adjusting the shims as necessary.

Once this is done, the contractors will then clamp the molding in place, tracing around it. With the outline set, they will then focus on cutting the siding along the traced form.

After this is done, the next step is to cut a strip of drip edge to fit along the top of the window, sliding it between the siding and the paper itself.

Depending on whether a window has a brick mold or a nailing fin, professionals will apply the caulk to one of two different sections before sliding the window into place. Once this is done, they will then insert the window through the opening and push the appropriate piece tightly against the sheathing. With this step out of the way, they will then adjust the unit to keep it level.

Once the window is perfectly set, the experts will tack it in place, preparing the windows for the shims so that the combined thickness can fill any openings that may exist between the jambs and framing. At this point, the window's placement is mostly completed, and the professionals will perform a quick check to make sure that all the dimensions are as desired.

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