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Roofs by Rodger provides reliable siding options for all clients, in addition to their standard roofing services. Siding can be a great project for homeowners who want to add some personality and color to their homes. There are many different types of siding available for consideration, each of which can be installed to create a different outdoor environment.

Vinyl siding is one of the most popular siding options because of how affordable, versatile and easy to maintain the material is. While there are some who might not be interested in its glossy appearance, it is one of the best materials to consider for long-term use simply because it is made to be functional and reliable.

Wood siding is another very versatile and popular option. This type of surface is designed to create a cottage-like exterior and is perfect for more rustic areas. Unlike vinyl, this material will need to be regularly maintained in order to prevent weather damage. It is also susceptible to insect and rodent damage, so it should be treated appropriately at every maintenance interval. Depending on the way the wood is taken care of, it can last homeowners anywhere from 10 to up to 100 years.

Brick is another option for siding material. It is usually made from fired clay and comes in a variety of different textures and sizes. It gives a more classic look that can be a good choice for larger, more traditionally decorated homes. While it is easy to take care of, water can still penetrate the siding, so a membrane should always be installed to help protect its integrity.

Stucco is another decorative choice that has a unique look. It is made from sand, cement, lime and water. It is a very rigid type of siding that is popular with Mediterranean and Southwestern exteriors. Installation needs to be performed carefully in order to reduce the chance of cracks appearing. When it is installed correctly, it can last as long as the house itself. Roofs by Rodger can provide homeowners with all of these siding options and more, all based on what the client feels would best represent their home.

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