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When the rooftop needs to be inspected, it is important to work with quality professionals in the local area. Roofs by Rodger is a group that focuses on providing all clients with the most reliable rooftop installations and repairs. They understand that customer knowledge and satisfaction go hand in hand, and they will be happy to walk new customers through the roofing process.

Before the contractors begin, they will make sure that they have a clean and organized work area to get started. They close off the surrounding area, avoid dangerous sections on the roof, and make sure that they always have an easy way to get to the ground. They drape a tarp over surrounding shrubbery and advise homeowners to clear fragile items from the walls to help keep their belongings safe.

Once the area is ready, the professionals begin by tearing off the existing shingles. All of the old materials are removed, granting access to the clean deck below. Here, the experts will identify any potential problems that they will need to fix, including cracked or rotted sections that may result in structural damage. If they notice no problems, they will safeguard the vulnerable areas with leak barriers, which will prevent moisture from penetrating the surface.

Once this is ready, the professionals will then install the new set of shingles. This process involves lining up all of the materials side by side with each other, taking care of the intersections with flashing. Once the job is done, the professionals will clean up the area, get rid of any debris they find before they go on their way and leave the homeowner to enjoy their new rooftop.

The amount of time it takes for this procedure to be completed will usually vary from company to company. Roofs by Rodger sets itself apart from the local competition by providing faster and more reliable installations. The professionals who work with this company are all highly trained and specialized. They only use the latest in rooftop installation techniques and most durable roofing materials, making sure to get the job right the first time.

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