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One of the services offered by Mattoon roofing and home improvement professionals is vinyl window installation. Vinyl is the most common window frame material in America, outselling alternatives such as wood and fiberglass by a wide margin. There are many reasons for vinyl's popularity, but vinyl windows have their drawbacks as well.

Many homeowners are attracted to the price of vinyl windows as they are the least expensive window type available. These windows have low upfront cost and also save money in the long run because they are energy efficient. Vinyl frames are good thermal insulators and do not easily allow heat to pass through, which lowers heating and air conditioning costs. Double or triple paned glass provides additional thermal insulation and extra noise reduction. The frames can also be filled with foam insulation to further improve energy efficiency. In addition to the reduced energy use, vinyl windows also benefit the environment because they are recyclable. Vinyl can be easily melted, and the recovered plastic can be used to manufacture other products.

A drawback is that vinyl frames expand and contract more than other materials when the temperature changes. Over time, these motions can potentially cause air leakage around the frames.

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However, vinyl window producers take these movements into account during the manufacturing process. Expansions and contractions have not been observed to cause problems in practice. It is recommended that homeowners occasionally check the insulation and caulk around the windows to ensure that air leakage does not develop.

When purchasing vinyl windows, homeowners can choose from a wide variety of styles and colors. Vinyl can be molded into nearly any form, so an assortment of window shapes is on the market. In addition to standard rectangular frames, vinyl windows also come in round, half circle and trapezoid shapes. Vinyl frame finishes include matte, shiny or woodgrain surfaces. Colors range from neutral tones of white and beige to more vivid hues such as red and green. Two toned windows, which are brown on the exterior side of the house and white on the interior, are even available.

However, vinyl window colors, particularly dark ones, can fade over time. Unlike wood frames, vinyl frames cannot be easily painted, so the homeowner must commit to the initial color choice. Another downside is that faux wood vinyl frames may not appear adequately convincing. Thus, vinyl windows may not be a good fit for an older or historic home. Vinyl windows also do not increase the resale value of a house as much as wood windows do.

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