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Mattoon Roofing: Article About Tips For Choosing A Slate Roof

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Slate is one of the most timeless and the most beautiful roofing materials available for property owners who wish to create an enduring and dramatic statement on their home. Slate is also one of the most expensive materials that property owners can invest in, but a slate roof that is properly selected and installed can last from 50 to 150 years or more. Working with a certified Mattoon roofing professional is essential; however, property owners can narrow down their choices and determine the type of slate that best fits their budget by comparing products and learning about various installation techniques.

Since slate is a natural product, it is easy to assume that all slate is created equally; however, that is not the case. North American slate has a proven track record, as it has been in use for many years and its quality and color have proven to be consistent over time. Slate quarried in other areas of the world may have a different composition that can alter the color or quality, or the slate may have been quarried from varying locations.

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Although individual tiles may appear the same on the pallet, tiles that come from different quarries may look significantly different once they are installed, creating a splotchy and uneven look across the face of the roof.

Even when all the tiles are quarried from the same source there are unique variations in the look of the individual tiles. In order to maintain a consistent look across the roof, tiles should be shuffled as they are installed. Instead of starting and finishing one pallet of slates at a time, they should be taken in a consistent manner from each of the pallets in turn.

Like any other roofing system, the quality of the finished product relies not only on the tile but on the underlayment and roof decking as well. For slate installations, solid wood decking, not a laminate, is essential to maintaining the longevity of the roof. Yellow pine is generally the preferred choice.

Many property owners may not be aware that a properly installed slate roof does not require a layer of underlayment. However, often one is used to protect the decking until the job can be completed. Since slate roofs require careful installation, it can be a lengthy process, so protecting the decking is a smart choice. However, there is no need to upgrade the underlayment; standard asphalt felt will work just fine, and it is the most economical choice.

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