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Mattoon Roofing: Article About Spotting Storm Damage

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When storms blow through, roofing damage is always a possibility. It is important for a homeowner to know when to contact the insurance company and a professional from Mattoon Roofing. Left untreated, a damaged roof can result in a weakened roof structure, expensive repairs and sleepless nights.

After a storm, the homeowner should always inspect his roof from the ground. Crawling on a damaged roof is dangerous and is a job for trained professionals. A homeowner who shuffles around on the roof could end up in the attic or worse. Not only could the owner be in danger up there, but climbing on a roof that is potentially impaired can also cause additional damage to the home.

From the ground, homeowners should look for evidence of wind and hail. Signs of hail damage include dark spots, sometimes called bruises, on shingles where the asphalt granules were beaten off the shingle. Also, look for dents in gutters, flashing and roof vents. Wind damage may blow some shingles off the home completely, leaving others only partially attached. Tree limbs and branches that are blown on to the roof's surface should be removed as soon as possible to make sure they have not caused harm.

Have a question regarding roof maintenance or windows? Please ask a roofing expert from Roofs By Rodger of Mattoon IL.

Exposed roofing underlayment or decking can result in water damage, mold and eventually rotted wood. Repairing and patching in new shingles can eliminate headaches in the future affordably and efficiently.

In the winter, heavy snow and ice can also damage the home's roof, especially if the slope of the roof is low. In addition to helping repair any damage from winter precipitation, roofing professionals can also help prevent future damage with regular maintenance and products designed specifically for the winter months.

When inspecting the home for signs of damage, homeowners shouldn't forget to look in the attic. Search for signs of water, any areas exposed to the elements and other signals of impairment.

A professional roof inspector will look for signs of hidden damage that can't be seen from the ground including split seams, cracking of the shingle surface and water leaking into exposed areas. The competent and trust-worthy professionals at Roofs by Rodger will not recommend any unnecessary repairs. The company takes extreme pride in their reputation for being fair and honest. By working with the homeowner immediately after the storm, they can save the homeowner money in the end.

The company can work with homeowners regarding insurance coverage and the filing of any necessary claim as well. They work with all area insurance agents to make the process as quick and easy as it can be for customers.

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