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Mattoon Roofing: Article About Shingle Roofing Pros and Cons

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Those who take the time to look up when walking down the street will often find that they come across more homes featuring shingle roofs than any other type of material. While metal roofs are common in certain parts of the South and other regions across the United States, asphalt and composition shingles are generally more common than metal, ceramic type, concrete tile, and other types of roofing shingles and materials. Professional Mattoon roofing companies often tell homeowners to look closely at the pros and cons of shingle roofing when deciding to install a new roof or change the existing roof on a home.

Though asphalt and composition shingles look similar, the two types of shingles are different. Asphalt shingles have a thin core with layers of asphalt surrounding that core and granules on top. Composition shingles use both asphalt and fiberglass to extend the life of those shingles, and the shingles have the same coating of granules on the outside. Both types are available from major manufacturers and local roofing contractors, and the pros and cons associated with both are fairly similar.

Ease of installation is one big benefit of shingle roofing. Manufacturers typically make the same types and colors of shingles for years. If homeowners need to replace those shingles later, they can find replacements in the same colors as those already on their homes.

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Contractors can easily cut through the shingles to make unique shapes to fit around chimneys and dormers, and they can easily install the shingles along the peak of the roof and the edges of the roof.

Homeowners should also consider the ease of maintenance associated with shingles. Unlike metal, ceramic and other roofing materials that need to be sealed and cleaned, asphalt and composition shingles will generally look great for years without requiring much maintenance. Some other benefits include the weather resistant nature of the shingles and the number of colors and designs available.

While looking at the pros, homeowners should also give some thought to the cons of shingle roofs. These shingles last half as long as other materials do and may only last for 20 years. Some manufacturers only guarantee their cheapest shingles with a 10 year warranty as well. Wind and rain can also wash away the protective granules on the outside of the shingles and reduce the life of the roof even more. Homeowners should also know that these shingles are susceptible to mold and mildew, especially shingles located in shady areas of the home.

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