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The roof is one of the most important parts of a home. It is the one thing that keeps out rain and other weather conditions, but it also serves as insulation, which can help keep the house warmer or cooler throughout the year. Those concerned with how their roofs look and function may consider hiring someone for a roof restoration project. Mattoon roofing companies offer restoration services for residential buildings and buildings with composition, asphalt or wood shingles and even metal roofs.

The type of restoration work required often depends on the type of roof found on the building. If the roof features some type of metal covering, contractors will look for signs of dents and rusting. When a metal panel roof suffers from rusting, it usually means that the original installer did not use any protective coating on the metal or that the protective coating wore off because of exposure to rain and snow. As the rusting grows worse, it can eventually eat through the metal and leave gaping holes that can let water through to the underlayment.

Roofs with traditional shingles on top will require that contractors look at the granules on the shingles. Most manufacturers add a small amount of granules to the surface of composition and asphalt shingles to help snow, ice and debris flow away from those shingles.

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Constant exposure to those same elements can wipe off the granules and leave the shingles exposed to the elements. Most restoration projects will require the replacement of all shingles or some of those shingles.

Restoration projects may also require the replacement of the underlayment. Older homes often feature a tar paper underlayment, which consists of paper coated in several layers of tar. Though once a popular option, tar paper is no longer as strong as it once was. Those layers of tar may last for as few as 10 years before they need replacing. Fiberglass underlayment is a better option. It is stronger than tar paper and can last twice as long or even longer.

Contractors may also suggest that clients add multiple layers of underlayment to increase the slope of the roof. The higher the slope is, the better job it does of keeping rain and moisture rolling off the roof rather than allowing it to settle. Standing water on a roof may cause different types of damage, including the wiping away of granules and the dissolving of roofing adhesives.

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