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To help keep a home warm in the winter and cool in the summer, it is often a good idea to add insulation to the attic. While installing insulation is something that a Mattoon roofing professional can do quickly and easily, determining the type of insulation that is appropriate for a given attic depends on many different factors. The most important factor is how big the attic is and the type of conditions that it has to endure.

In most cases, fiberglass or cellulose is going to be sufficient to keep an attic properly insulated. However, it may be desirable to opt for rigid foam or spray foam insulation. Rigid foam and fiberglass insulation both come in a variety of different batts and may also be blown into the attic. Additionally, some manufacturers will create long rolls of insulation that a professional can cut to size during the installation process.

While batts may be easier to install as they are already cut to size, rolls generally contain more insulation at the same price.

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Compared to both, using a sprayer to put insulation in an attic may be most cost effective in the long run as it can get into the many cavities and crevices that may exist. Therefore, such material can act as both an air and thermal barrier, which gives it a better R value.

During the winter months, heated air may rise into the attic and create drafts in the rooms below. This can lead to increased heating costs even after extra insulation has been installed. That is why having that air and thermal barrier is important when it gets colder during the winter months or even cooler than average during the early spring or late fall months.

Spray foam may take less time to install compared to other types of insulation, which could lead to lower costs for homeowners. However, rigid foam boards will not be damaged or otherwise degraded by water. If moisture is a problem in a particular home, rigid foam insulation may be the best or only option.

Homeowners who are interested in making their homes more comfortable and energy efficient should consider calling a professional contractor right away. Doing so can make it easier to choose the right insulation, which may reduce heating and cooling bills throughout the year. Working with a reliable contractor may also reduce upfront installation costs and make the project more affordable for the consumer.

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