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While the first snowfall of the season can be exciting, it can also be damaging to homes in the Mattoon area and in other parts of Illinois. The first few inches of falling snow may not damage a home and its roofing structure, but as the snow keeps falling, it can cause a buildup or accumulation of ice and snow. The proximity of the snow to a lake also causes a problem known as lake effect snow, which experts use when describing how the air surrounding the lake causes snow to drift and blow into nearby cities. This can lead to even more snow accumulating on a roof. Mattoon roofing companies encourage both homeowners and commercial property owners to look for ways to remove that snow and ice.

Some homeowners think that removing built up snow is as easy as brushing the snow off the roof with a broom. They think twice once they get on the roof and discover the slickness of that surface. Not only do they risk injuring themselves as they slip off the roof, but they also risk damaging the roof as they use too much force with their tools.

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If the roof suffers from ice buildup, homeowners often find that they cannot remove the ice on their own.

Roofing companies know the general layout of a roof and the components found in each layer of the roof. This allows them to remove snow and ice without damaging any of those components. Professionals often use large scraping tools that are similar to the ones drivers use when getting ice off their car windows. The scrapers move across the roof to pull off the ice without pulling off the shingles at the same time. They can also use tools to clear clogged ice from gutters and downspouts.

Depending on the accumulation of ice and snow, roofing contractors may recommend using heating cables rather than other tools. These cables lay on the top of the ice and snow, slowly come up to temperature and allow the melted ice to harmlessly fall off the roof. Heating cables generally work best when installed prior to the start of winter. The cables then heat the snow and ice from underneath. Those who opt for installation after winter starts will find that after the ice melts, the cables slowly move down until each cable sits on the roof's surface. Homeowners can use the same cables year after year to remove snow and ice from their roofs.

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