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Roofs perform a number of necessary functions when it comes to a home or a commercial building. Many never think twice about the roof over their heads until they hear that telltale dripping sound that indicates a leak has formed in the ceiling. They may even ignore the signs of water damage found on ceilings and walls until water actually comes through those surfaces. That excess water may require much more repair than clients think and can take longer than they expect. That is why Mattoon roofing companies offer potential clients the chance to request an upfront inspection of their roofs.

A quality inspection should include an examination of both the inside of a building and the outside. Many think that a contractor will simply come out and climb up on the roof, but looking at interior spaces can help workers identify the central root of that damage. They can spend hours walking back and forth on a roof and still have problems finding out where the holes are in the underlayment because of the shingles covering that surface.

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If they see a brown spot on the upper corner of one wall, they know immediately that there is a leak behind or above that wall. They can then trace the leak back to the surface of the roof and find out if there is damage to the underlayment or if there are missing shingles. Contractors look carefully at all parts of the roof to identify issues that clients might not notice. These problems can include rotten support beams, water damage to the roofing membrane, missing granules on shingles or cracked and broken shingles.

Some local companies have experience with different types of roofing restoration and home improvement projects. They may know how to remove the damaged drywall and plaster and repair the inside of the house at the same time that they fix the outside. This may help clients save money on their projects.

Inspecting a residential or commercial property also requires inspection of the gutters and downspouts. Aluminum, copper, steel and other types of metal gutters can develop dents that change the way water flows through, and vinyl gutters may develop cracks due to changes in the surrounding temperature. Downspouts generally feature the same type of material and may suffer from some of the same issues. The downspouts may also come loose, the gutters can fall down or there may be large bird nests inside those components.

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