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Mattoon Roofing: Article About Installing Three Tabs To Resist Weather

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While extra wind and water resistance can be gained on a roof by installing a metal or thermoplastic roofing membrane, Mattoon roofing experts know how get the maximum protection out of ordinary three tab asphalt shingles.

The first consideration is to use a quality shingle that will not easily crack in the cold, buckle in the heat or be torn from the roof by high winds. A manufacturer with a long warranty and a large base of satisfied customers is a major clue as to quality, but a good roofing contractor will also be able to explain which brands of three tabs deliver the highest performance per dollar spent.

To protect a roof decking from moisture, roofers will first install a water resistant underlayment. With a solid decking and an effective moisture barrier, the shingles will have a head start in shielding the house from rain. Top quality metal flashing is also imperative to funneling water off the roof surface.

Many roofers will first lay down starter shingles to protect the roof line from needless decay. They will then stagger each row of asphalt shingles so that seams never line up in adjacent rows. This patterning helps to break up water and wind hitting the roof so that shingles are not eroded or torn from the roof.

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A half tab or more, about 6 inches, is a sufficient staggering distance.

It is important that each row of shingles align with the top of the tab grooves of the row just below. This gauges measurements to keep the roofing straight, and it ensures the correct amount of shingle overlap. Just above the tab grooves and along the central tar strip are the ideal locations for nails, which must be used in sufficient quantity if stiff wind resistance is to be obtained.

Finally, the peak of the roof must be covered tightly with specially formed ridge caps to keep out wind, water and snow. Ridge caps are constantly receiving the worst of the wind exposure, even as valleys are being subjected to the worst of the water runoff. Thus, a good roofer who takes the time to do these two sections particularly well will prevent many needless repairs.

Asphalt is highly resistant to moisture and offers good wind resistance when properly nailed down. When high grade asphalt three tabs are installed by an expert roofer, the effects of wind, rain and other weather can be minimized.

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