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Mattoon Roofing: Article About Ice and Water Shield Benefits

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From ceramic tiles to basic shingles, roofing materials are available in almost any shape or color. Homeowners must work with Mattoon roofing professionals to find the best match for their structural needs. Aside from the upper roof layer, homeowners also have a choice of adding another moisture barrier called an ice and water shield. There are several benefits to these shields to combat wear from a dynamic load, including wind shear and driving rains.

Although shields are another layer to add to a roof, they are quick installations. Shields come in large rolls that literally cover the roof in a few minutes for each course. Contractors only need to cut lengths periodically and verify all edges are overlapped. Self adhering backsides make the final pressing process simple, creating a leak free layer for a long lasting rooftop.

Shingles must be nailed to the roof deck, so many homeowners are concerned that shields will form cracks where they're pierced by fasteners. However, shields have rubber within their construction, allowing fasteners to move through the material without creating stress around the penetration. Shields actually hug fasteners as they move through the layer, so homeowners don't have to worry about imperfections leading to future leaks.

Shield rubber plays another smart role because there is no rotting or cracking over time.

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Rubber naturally flexes with yearly temperature swings. Even extreme cold and heat cannot damage shields. These materials are also crack free because they're not exposed to weathering. Roofing felt and shingles cover shields, allowing them to remain almost untouched for decades of strong structural support. Only in rare instances of roof exposure, such as after a tornado, would shields be vulnerable to damage from weathering.

All roofs can use ice and water shields, making them practically universal products. Flat roofs, for instance, cannot use shingles as their main material. They must have a membrane installed. However, membrane, shingle, metal and other roof materials are all compatible with shields. Roofs can be flat, standard or steep slope and still be perfect for shield installation. Homeowners should read over all roofing contracts to verify that a shield is part of the installation.

Discuss shields with a qualified roofing contractor as a contract is drawn up. Although it can be added during an installation, it's best to agree to a shield installation in the contract. Material and labor costs can be calculated accurately when homeowners have all the facts about necessary roofing layers.

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