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While dirt and algae may not pose an immediate danger to a home, their appearance can lower the home's overall value. Cleaning the roof increases the curb appeal, which will make the home easier to sell if the homeowner places it on the market. When the roof is cleaned regularly, it will also help extend the life of the shingles. As mold and mildew build on the roof, it can cause damage to the shingles, necessitating the help of Mattoon roofing professionals to perform repairs.

Cleaning the roof does not require any special tools. Homeowners will need a tall ladder, nonslip shoes, garden hose with a sprayer attachment, a pump sprayer, bleach, detergent and a brush style broom. It is best to always work on the roof with harnesses whenever possible as well as a friend. Homeowners will want to create a detergent mixture with hot water, bleach and detergent into a pump sprayer that attaches to the hose. It is often easiest to use a garden sprayer as if one were weeding or fertilizing the garden.

It is best to select a day that is cool and overcast to clean the roof. t is important to allow ample time for roof cleaning and start with small sections, no more than 3 feet high and 10 feet long.

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The cleaner needs to soak for about 15 minutes to break up any dirt, algae and mildew that is growing on the roof.

Working from the lower edges of the roof to the peak, scrub each section after it has had a chance to soak. This is done with a stiff bristle scrub brush, and the roof needs to be wet. If the roof begins to dry before the scrubbing is complete, then simply spray more of the detergent on it. After the soaking and scrubbing is finished, take a garden hose with the sprayer attachment on and thoroughly rinse the area. Repeat this process until the entire roof is clean.

When working on the roof, it is important that the homeowner keeps safety in mind. The roof can get slick, so it is best if the person on the roof has a good sense of balance. Footwear needs to have a sole constructed of rubber to help grip the shingles, and a harness will prevent a complete fall to the ground. Professionals should be called anytime the homeowner does not feel 100 percent comfortable with the work.

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