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Those who purchase an older home with the intention of fixing it up and reselling it likely understand the importance of new roofing. The housing market in central Illinois can be quite competitive, and the curb appeal and peace of mind a new roof brings becomes a major selling point.

Even those with expertise at remodeling other aspects of a home may lack the ability or desire to tackle a tough roofing job. In many cases, a Mattoon roofing contractor will be used to complete the task. It is crucial that a professional installs it with both quality workmanship and in a short space of time. Since flawed installation or long exposure of the roof decking to the elements could quickly lead to leaks and other problems, low quality or excessively slow roofing work should be avoided.

Some who remodel plan to actually live in the house they are fixing up, and these individuals may be tempted to put up with an old, failing roof. However, a new roof may still be in order to prevent leaks and improve energy efficiency. Furthermore, new roofing will increase the house's resale value in case the homeowner later decides to resell.

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Quality roofing increases home equity and gives the homeowner greater confidence in his or her investment.

When the decision is made to install new roofing, the first step is to remove the old roofing. A dumpster will need to be rented, and debris will need to be disposed of in a safe, organized manner. Nails cannot simply be left to linger in the lawn, and debris cannot clutter the roof decking while work goes on above.

Often, multiple layers of shingles will be discovered during a tear off job on an old house. This increases the size of dumpster needed as well as the time and labor involved. The decking must be inspected thoroughly for weak points, and new plywood, better flashing, asphalt cement, caulk and more may be needed to prevent future leakage.

Special care must be given to the areas surrounding the chimney and vents. Any roof edges with gutters attached must be flashed. Valleys must be protected with both underlayment and moisture guard and then shingled with an interweaving pattern. In other cases, the valleys are best covered with wide pieces of metal flashing.

Replacing old roofing with new is a difficult, multifaceted task that must be done quickly and correctly. As the roofing protects the whole house below, there are few things that rank as high on the remodeling priority list.

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